Blueyed Cass

First Impressions

Blueyed Cass streams a small preview video as soon as you visit her tour page and shortly after it begins you get to see her wearing a really sexy blue and black lace bra and panty set and dancing and the chick looks stunning. If that´s any indication of what goes on inside then I know I´m psyched for what the member´s area holds. Cass is also really pretty with a tremendously tight and tanned body and those blue eyes are certainly intriguing. The update box on the main page is handy in that it shows you she´s still updating (at least she is as of this review).

Hot Promises

Visiting the Blueyed Cass tour is a thoroughly entertaining experience thanks to her efforts to share her work and tempt you into joining. She wants to make sure that you´re excited for what she does and the tease stuff works well to that end. She promises you her photo sets and videos (all of which is said to be exclusive), two live webcam shows a week, access to her personal journal so you can get to know her a little, exclusive candid photos and pictures of her friends as a fun bonus. The cam schedule is on the tour page along with her Twitter feed if you want to keep up.


The same update box you saw on the tour is on the member´s main page and if it´s accurate then Cass updates twice a week with the occasional bonus update of candid pictures and the like. Her site is well designed and maintains the same colors and feel of the free area. Along the top of the page there´s a navigation bar that guides you to all the places you could possibly want to go and you´ll find links to those same places with descriptions on the main page.

The promised journal is empty at the moment. It looks like there´s a screenshot of it with actual posts on the main page but there´s nothing to read currently. Perhaps it´s just a bug but I wouldn´t count on being able to read her diary thoughts. She does respond to posts on the forum (or someone posts as her; it´s impossible to tell in these situations). There´s generally a good back and forth between her and the members so if you want to chat her up it´s clearly the place to go.

Several years ago Blueyed Cass got her start as a webcam girl. Sitting in front of her camera entertaining men was what she did all day. She got an offer for a site somewhere along the way and now she does a little of everything for her site. She still shows up for the two shows a week she promises and she provides a great deal of interaction. She´ll chat with members and of course she´ll entertain and hope to get you off with her body. There´s an archive of 100+ webcam shows from past weeks that you can download if you need more cam entertainment.

One of the best things about joining Blueyed Cass is that you get access to an entire network of free webcam shows starring incredibly hot chicks. There´s at least one show and sometimes three or four shows scheduled every day. Even if you never saw her pictures or videos you´d have more than enough entertainment to justify the membership.

There are currently 163 picture galleries at Blueyed Cass. She lists eight per page and there´s a nice description for each. Click and you´ll see the delicious pictures come up in a thumbnailed gallery. The oldest galleries were taken way back in 2007 but they still look good at 1200px. Newer sets display at 1600px and for all the sets there´s a lower resolution option if you desire it. Sadly, there are no zip files for download.

Since there´s a webcam archive it´s a little confusing to find that roughly half the downloadable clips in the video section are also old webcam shows. They´re not bad but at 320x240 they are terribly low resolution so no matter what she´s doing it´s not nearly entertaining enough. Somewhere along the way she began producing videos expressly for the site and they play in high definition so they´re the far superior choice for your entertainment. Roughly 70 of the movies are HD and the rest are old webcam shows.

Blueyed Cass is a non-nude model in the sense that she doesn´t show her tits or pussy. She shows plenty of flesh though. Most galleries have her down to just her panties with pasties on her nipples or her hands across her tits. She covers up but you still get to see plenty of flesh. You can basically see everything but her nipples and her pussy. Most content sets are stripteases. She dresses up in something delicious that she picked out or a member sent her (you can consult the wishlist for her desires or you can send something on your own) and she provides a fair amount of variety.

The outfits range from cute (a t-shirt and denim shorts) to slutty and seductive (a shiny silver dress with tons of skin showing). She shows her tight body from every angle and she removes the articles of clothing while deftly managing to hide her naughty bits. The pictures are all posing, obviously, but in the videos you get to see the sensual dances and movements this girl does her for her fans. Blueyed Cass has a terrific body with a tight but nicely sized ass and great tits. When she moves she means to arouse and that certainly comes easy. She looks terrific when dancing and that´s why the videos are my favorite part of the site.

In the bonus section you can find the candid content she promised. You´ll also see bloopers, fansigns and other bits of stuff that didn´t fit in any other category. The candid pictures are my faves since they reveal a side of her that you don´t get in the produced content. There are a couple of galleries of phone pictures that show what she´s like when she just goes out in the world and it´s fun to see that and learn that about the girl that you pay to see be naughty every month. There are 61 galleries of bonus content and another 12 bonus friend sets from other girls around the web.

Croco´s Opinion

Blueyed Cass is an amateur modeling running her own professional site and producing high quality content. She has more than 160 picture galleries and roughly 70 high quality videos showing her doing solo dances. She has roughly 200 webcam shows archived and still shows up for twice weekly performances. She posts on her forum and takes candid pictures every so often to post in her bonus section. Members get access to a network of webcam shows featuring other hotties so you´ll never ever be bored by what she does. Videos are high definition and the pictures are high resolution. She doesn´t really do anything wrong here so if you find her attractive then join up and have fun.


A few more screenshots for each video would be nice. Otherwise it´s a breeze browsing the site.

Pricing Policy

The first month costs $27.95 and recurs at $26.95 every 30 days. 90 days costs $75.00.

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